Our Endeavour

Research is the bedrock of knowledge in general and higher education in particular. Theinstitutions of higher education in India are facing crucial challenge in creating, nurturing andmaintaining the level of quality research. It is essential to develop a sound methodological base ofresearch among the researchers to cope up with challenges in the field of research. A good research is a key to sound research output.

Professional conferences, seminars, workshops and webinars hold great importance in the life of the academician. Academics not only learn new aspects, other perspectives and latest information in these, but also increase their networking circle.

To operationalize this vision,Every year, BVM College hosts conferences, seminars, workshops, and Webinars to learn about new and more effective ways to execute tasks and to get more information. These kind of academic activities not only provide additional expertise in our profession, but they also produce fresh ideas for ways to improve our jobs and provide an intellectual forum for discussion.

BVM College is the only college in Gwalior that has held conferences in the fields of management, education, information technology, and pharmacy over the past eight years.

For the academic progress of our students and research associates related to other Colleges, Universities, and Organizations in India, the college has held eight national conferences in management and six national conferences in education.

The conference's research paper and ideas were published in international and national journals. The College has published seven management journals and four education journals to date.

The BVM College has always been involved in research in order to discover new educational possibilities.

The institution has held four research methodology workshops to assist persons involved in research in their fields, as well as five national and one international webinars.

BVM hosts exceptional guest lectures by subject specialists from time to time for the benefit of its students.

In BVM, there are limitless/infinite opportunities forcareerenhancement. Though everyone who has attended our conferences and other events has not given us raving reviews, we are gratified that so many of them attest to the significance of the experience.  For those interested, we have collected some of those responses for your consideration. Of course, the best way to judge is to experience our events for yourself.

The level of expertise and knowledge of the presenters are excellent. In addition, I appreciate their positive attitudes, willingness to explain concepts, clarity of visual aids and handouts, and opportunities to ask questions.
The workshops are intensive work in doing critical thinking, not just reading about it.

The insights I have gained from this one conference far exceed any other conference I have attended to date. Wonderful, insightful, well presented!